Two Dozen Kookies

For those who want to know a little more about me I have baked two dozen kookies  here just for you.

Go ahead… Have a nibble!

  1. My ancestors are from many different cultures. My father is Mexican and Spanish. My mother is Hungarian, German, and English. I feel racism limits the ability to learn from those around us. I will not tolerate it on my blog.
  2. I believe in equal rights for all people regardless of gender, ability, class, sexual preference, and religion for the very same reason I stated above.
  3. I am married to a brilliant, strong geeky guy who is my perfect puzzle piece match. Children? None yet. Eventually, I will update this to note others, but not for a very…VERY long time.
  4. I enjoy talking to people honestly about differences of every kind, but do not promise my opinion will change. I expect to be treated with the respect I deserve. When I receive it, I gladly give it back.
  5. Music is a necessity in my life. I collect music from the 50’s to the present, frequent concerts when I can, sing along to songs regardless of where I am, and enjoy performing karaoke.  I was in band and choir while in high school.
  6. That being said, there is no amount of money that will make me enjoy country. Sorry.
  7. I have anxiety issues, as well as bouts of depression. Despite these differences, I do not feel I am broken or damaged in any way.  I may have some heavy blogs sometimes, but over all I do love my life and am thankful to have it.
  8. Though I am working retail right now, I do have a college degree for teaching. Badda-bing.
  9. I love to play videogames on my wii. I may need to be checked into wiihab.
  10. When counting the spouses, my immediate family is 14 people strong. We seem to grow in number and in closeness every year. I am a proud aunt of many lovely little ones. I love them all very much.
  11. I call my parents at least once a week.
  12. I absolutely love horror movies. I have ever since I was around 4 years old. My parents used them as a means to teach me the difference between real and make believe, and it has made me awesome.
  13. I grew up in the country, but no, that does not make me a hick.
  14. I have two pets. I own one Chihuahua named Olivia, and one beta fish named Marley. They are spoiled, and both are the smartest animals I could ever imagine of their respective type.
  15. I used to perform in theatre. I have been in over 16 different productions starting around the age of 12.
  16. I have horrific spelling, and I own up to that. I also, overuse, commas.  😀 This doesn’t mean that I am any less intelligent than others.
  17. I used to have a cheesy blog in high school and college. I deleted it and gave up for a long time, though my sister, Jessi, and all of her fans at Mama’s Got Flair encouraged me to pick it up again. (Thank you, ladies!)
  18. I totally have organization issues. I always have, and I always will.
  19. I find that embracing imperfection paves the way to one’s true perfection.
  20. Sometimes I wear bizarre clothing and make up, and I am not ashamed to shop crazy-go-nuts in thrift stores.
  21. In November of 2010 the hubs and I moved from Illinois to Wisconsin. I was born with Bears’ Blood. This will never change, no matter how good your cheese tastes.
  22. I dance a lot even though I am not very good.
  23. Despite my sarcastic, hard headed exterior, I really am a sensitive dork.
  24. I enjoy making new friends! Drop a line and say hello!

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