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I was once known to be a wild child. I was the renegade nerd girl that spent my youth being an inspiration to those who were close to me, yet I was invisible to those who were outside of my immediate circle. I was a social weirdo before I even learned how to try. I then basked in being the most unusual that I could be to give them something to find weird.

You see… I found it challenging to find my place in the sun when following behind the greats that my siblings were born to be. I had a genius for a brother and a social queen for a sister. I felt invisible. Don’t get me wrong. My family treated me well, but the shadow of their ‘bests’ was a dark place to be at times.

College set me ablaze. I became a blue haired, pierced ,indie-punk rocking, party princess. That eventually lost its luster and I felt no better than Jack Skellington realizing he was the pumpkin king all along.

The best gift that chapter of my life gave me was my fabulous husband. We were friends for two years as I dated one of his friends, but eventually we found one another. We dated a year, were engaged for another, and now will be celebrating our first year of marriage together on Thursday.

All is well and quiet. We relocated from Illinois to Wisconsin so he could advance his career. I left behind my sulking teaching career to create a new life and support the nerd I would die for…

But the question is who am I?