A Lover of the Soul: A poem

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Friends, Love, Poetry
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When the motion of the breeze makes you weak
Or when the weight of your load makes you buckle at the knees
Forgive but don’t forget; learn but don’t feel bad
The voyage that you made makes you the best friend I ever had
The world is slowly turning and soon we all will rest
The pain settles deep within you like an uninvited guest
But no worry, you don’t have to sit alone trembling in fear
I won’t let you down, together we will persevere
You may not see the character or beauty that you are
But your natural talent surpasses many by far
I look at you with the utmost honor; yearning to reach your height
In comparison to what I do, I just never get things right
I love the way you speak your heart and the fact we both can cry
Tears without shame & laughter without pain between respectful sighs
With you I feel connected like a friendship form of lovers
Not lovers of the flesh, but lovers like no other
A lover of the soul… A sister without the blood
A heart without expense, and rain without the mud
I am glad to be graced with the time we share
Friendships come and go, but for this one I care
Let it stay forever, because forever I’ll be in need
Of all the care you aid to me, and with you I seem to be free.


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